Launch of the Highline Heritage Museum Website

I redesigned the Highline Heritage Museum website, formally the Highline Historical Society website. The Highline Heritage Museum will be opening in a new building in the winter of 2016. The new website showcases their events, exhibits, and collections.

Visitors to the museum can easily access the calendar to learn about programs and exhibits. The website features a section where their current, past and virtual exhibits can be viewed. Their extensive collections can be explored on the many pages.

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Creation of the Legal Wellspring PLLC Logo

I recently designed a logo for Erin Sperger’s business, Legal Wellspring PLLC. She is an independent attorney specializing in legal research and writing, appeals and landlord/tenant law. She wanted a creative, professional logo that reflects her unique brand of high-quality, people-oriented legal service to both attorneys and the public.

The font choice gives a professional, modern look and feel and the icon gives the impression of a wellspring of knowledge and experience. The icon is an abstract water design also pooling into wealth of information for her clients.

Erin appreciated the logo and said, “Your design exceeded my expectations! It’s exactly what I need.”

Launch of the Switch It Up Website

I just launched the Switch It Up website. Switch It Up is a company created by two interior designers who restyle and stage homes. Their new site is an informational website highlighting their services and showcasing their portfolio.

Their portfolio features galleries for the different types of rooms they focus on. Viewers can click on the thumbnails to view the various images. The testimonials page highlights client reviews of their services.

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Launch of the Rolf Preuss Website

I recently launched the Rolf Preuss website. It is a custom-designed portfolio website, showcasing the artist’s oil paintings. It displays the artwork by different categories of location, type, and media.

The artwork can be view by proportional thumbnails, full-size or a slide show gallery. Each view includes details about the artwork to enhance the viewer’s experience.

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Launch of the Joseph W. Rutte, Ph.D. Website

I recently launched the Joseph W. Rutte, Ph.D. website, showcasing the services of Dr. Rutte’s practice. The website describes his background and services for potential and current clients.

I updated the look and feel of the website to a more current design. The new custom WordPress theme is responsive for optimal viewing on smartphones and tablets as well as desktops. Nearly a third of web traffic today is on mobile platforms, and the percentage is growing.

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