I offer many services related to web design including logo design, WordPress custom themes, and more.

Web Design

My web design services include:

  • designing a new site from scratch,
  • completely re-designing a site for clients who wish to update their site with a more current look and feel, more logical navigation, new content, etc. and
  • updating a current site with minor changes.

I use the project management approach detailed on the Web Design Management Process page. I interview the client extensively to get a clear vision of what the site should look like and base my work on the client’s goals for the website.

Logo Design

I offer logo design services to help clients create a profitable brand for their business and website. Having a logo that reflects the image and values of the company is worth a thousand words.

I love working with the different personalities of letterforms and can create a design that is both eye-catching and relevant to the image of the company.


I offer WordPress as the content management system (CMS) for all my website projects. WordPress is a popular open-source CMS that makes updating content extremely easy for clients.

WordPress features a rich text editor where clients can make the changes without touching the underlining code. It also has many plug-ins that make the website dynamic and full of management features.

Licensed under the GPL, the code for WordPress is free of charge and is supported by a huge community of developers and plug-in authors around the world.

Themes (layout templates) for WordPress are free of charge or affordably priced by the developers selling them. An existing theme can be used, but this is not advisable for clients who wish to have a website tailored to their goals.

For the custom websites that I design, I can build them using WordPress so the client has the benefits of a uniquely designed site with the functionality of WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing a website for search engines is vital for potential customers or users to find a client’s website. For a new or re-designed website projects I code the pages using SEO best practices.

Analytics Solutions

Tracking traffic to websites is very informative data that can be used to measure the success of a website. There are a number of web analytics solutions available for tracking web traffic to websites.