Re-Design of the Signature Designworks Website

I re-designed with a new look and feel. I used color, texture and typography to create a unique visual design and brand. The image of the nautilus seashell reflects the golden spiral, the icon in my logo. The golden spiral shows aesthetically-pleasing proportions that are a blueprint for good design.

Technically, I coded the site using the “Mobile First” concept which means writing the code for the smallest screen first and then progressing to larger screens. The site is responsive so it is viewable in all devices’ various screen sizes.

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Design for Mobile Devices

I took the Design for Mobile Devices class at the School of Visual Concepts in November. The agenda was packed with information about the history of mobile devices, the ever-growing mobile device ecosystem, the best practices for designing for mobile, tools and resources for mobile design and responsive design.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must-have now with mobile searching growing at an exponential rate. Understanding mobile usage and design best practices enhance the success of the mobile strategy for a website. Using responsive design techniques, I can design and build websites that are optimized for both desktops and mobile devices.

UX (User Experience) for Mobile Devices

I took the UX for Mobile Devices class at School of Visual Concepts in May and it was eye-opening. Designing for mobiles devices is definitely the hottest trend now in web design and it is no doubt here to stay. Mobile Internet growth is on pace to eclipse that of the desktop within the next couple of years (if not sooner) according Morgan Stanley Research.

The variety of devices connecting to the Internet is only going to grow and small businesses should take advantage of this trend by making sure their websites are mobile-friendly as part of their online marketing strategy.

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