Creation of the Legal Wellspring PLLC Logo

I recently designed a logo for Erin Sperger’s business, Legal Wellspring PLLC. She is an independent attorney specializing in legal research and writing, appeals and landlord/tenant law. She wanted a creative, professional logo that reflects her unique brand of high-quality, people-oriented legal service to both attorneys and the public.

The font choice gives a professional, modern look and feel and the icon gives the impression of a wellspring of knowledge and experience. The icon is an abstract water design also pooling into wealth of information for her clients.

Erin appreciated the logo and said, “Your design exceeded my expectations! It’s exactly what I need.”

Re-Design of the Signature Designworks Website

I re-designed with a new look and feel. I used color, texture and typography to create a unique visual design and brand. The image of the nautilus seashell reflects the golden spiral, the icon in my logo. The golden spiral shows aesthetically-pleasing proportions that are a blueprint for good design.

Technically, I coded the site using the “Mobile First” concept which means writing the code for the smallest screen first and then progressing to larger screens. The site is responsive so it is viewable in all devices’ various screen sizes.

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WordPress Integration Project

I just completed a WordPress integration project for EDC, Inc., an engineering firm in Alaska. The client wanted to keep the existing visual design of their website, but wanted the functionality of WordPress. The existing site was coded using tables, so I re-coded it using div’s and CSS. Then I created a WordPress theme based on their existing design.

The new WordPress website for EDC, Inc. gives them the ability to make their own updates, so it meets their needs more efficiently.

Signature Designworks Launch!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new freelance web design business, Signature Designworks. I am located in the Seattle, Washington area, but I can work with clients around the country. I design websites for small businesses, non-profits, bloggers, artists and anyone who wants to have an online presence.

I offer many web design services including new design, re-design, maintenance, copywriting consulting, search engine optimization, WordPress integration and more.

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