Launch of the Absolute General Contractor Website

In November I launched the Absolute General Contractor website. The site features a gallery of the remodeling projects done by Absolute General Contractor. The site is running on WordPress and using a custom designed theme based on the company’s brand. It is simple, clean and designed around the imagery of the projects.

The site was built using responsive design techniques. Each page is optimized for both the desktop and mobile devices. When the contractor is on the job, he can show off his projects easily with his smartphone. Prospective clients can view his work on any device and with any connection.

Web Development Certificate

During Fall quarter 2011 I took two classes to complete the Web Development certificate from Seattle Central Community College.  The Web Development certificate compliments my Web Design certificate by giving me the skills to implement my designs with greater functionality.

Development skills are used more “behind the scenes” on websites with code that adds specific functionality rather than code affects the look and feel of the site. An example would be using using conditional statements in PHP to determine which page, text, or image to show.

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